Sabtu, 28 April 2012


Remember at that time,,,
my great spirit, to face anything  will happen.
nothing special,,
I don't kbow why,, just always feel nothing is impossible..

and the time is running and running, until I can't persuit it anymore
feels like lose some power,
a power to fight, to win the battle,
a battle with my self, the greatest one.. 
not because of you, or you, and you,
it is just because myself.

really want to go somewhere, 
the place where I can show this is MIKE
a usual person with a great passion
passion to be a better person in a better live
in a better everything

But now,, I know that nothing is still impossible,,
just try everything as if you will be never fail
just try to do the best
don't worry,, 
if only you must get fail, that the best result for you for the time being
just be patient, try it again
try it better, and just wait for little longer
The amazing present doesn't like a rain
which can drop enter the worl because of the gravitation force,
it still can be,, but not always, Allah has every power in this world,
because, the harder our  effort, the better we get, :D
just try, never give up before try

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