Kamis, 06 Desember 2012

I'm in Love

it is already for along time I have known about you
recover me when I was falling down
recover this hearth when it is already broken
but everything that you do are still unrecognized

i know this
but, maybe it's too late
I always said that it's difficult to unite my hearth and my brain
as usual, my brain always need something empiric to ensure me

maybe it's difficult for you to chase me anymore
after all the thing that I ever did to you
unrecognize is not something nice to feel

one thing that I want to see
your passion
I know that you are a great person
you have a huge potential to be an amazing person
all thing that I do just to motivate you

and now, I feel amazing
looking you from far distance with your succes

honestly, you have already get me
but, maybe you don't regoznice it
maybe you look at me that I was like as cool as cucumber
That is just my way to make my brain in a line with my heath
I will admit this feeling when this brain say yes
my brain is my biggest bos
And I thing this brain want you right now

I'm so sorry for my defiance,
I just want to see you become stronger
because I know that you can do it
You have a greater potential than me
Never think about underestimate or something else

it's time to say congratulation to you
congratulation for your graduation

hope that you will stay on the top :D
good luck

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