Rabu, 19 Juli 2017


I am not good enough to start a conversation. I really wanna talk to you, but I dont know what I should ask first. This is my problem, my big problem why I dont get along well with any men to start a seriuous relation. If you know what I feel. It is hard for me to believe and trust any men, some moments give me a bad experience about someone who just said that he was single and we are closer each other and at the end I found fact that he already had a special girlfriend. That is why I dont like to be too close to someone, especially men. Moving on from that is too hard for me. When I said I believe in you, its mean that I alrady give all of my trust and my heart to you. Whatever people said about you, I will not be bothered as long as I did not find what they said. Then you can explain to me what is the truth. 

Sometimes, I just want to say, Hi, I like you, what about you. If I a men, I am sure that I will said that. I have a faith that a men will proposed her girl anytime when he already believe in her 100%. Even they have a job or not. So, sometimes I just like to say, If I a men :D. IIts okay for me if my proposal will be accpeted or not, since I already said what I have to said. When I know the answer then I will go on the next step, whether to the next step of relationship or find another girl. 

Many men will yell at me, proposing a women is not as easy as you think. Come on, dont make it harder, I am a women. Just do what you to do. Ask us. Some woman are too introvert, either I am. I do believe that if you proposed a women, they will accpet it as long as you do it sincerely with all of you hearth.

So, fighting everyone.
Happy proposing for men and happy waiting for the women >.< 

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